We Are Rivercity Countertops


With over 22 years of experience in countertop manufacturing we understand the kind of investment you put into your home, office, cottage, or commercial property. That’s why we manufacture, deliver, and install quality countertops to fit your needs. Our expert’s have the skills and experience to handle any projects whether it’s for your kitchen, bathroom, vanity, office reception area, floor, or any other space.


Our Story



River city countertops started out as a small business of only two employees, which hand fabricated from a small shop. With hard work and dedication River city countertops has grown to a business of a dozen employees, two CNC’s, laser templating, and digitial bridge saw. With this growth we are better able to service our customers with fast time lines, accurate templating, professionally installed products that meet the customers expectation and exceptional service from our staff from ordering to install.

River City Countertops is locally owned and operated and serves homeowners and contractors throughout Kamloops and the area. In the past we have worked great custom projects which can be found in our gallery.


Frequently Asked Questions



What is the difference between Quartz and Granite?

Quartz ( non porous, factory sealed product made up of 93% natural quartz and 7% epoxy resin. Quartz is a semi man made product that is easy to take care of and maintain comes in a variety of colours, finishes and slab sizes. Quartz can mimic the look of natural stone with the added durability and non-porous nature making it stain resistant as well as having a consistent colour to the sample choice.

Granite (100% natural material made up of a variety of different stones depending on the block and what region it came out of. Granite is known to have natural fissures and pores, quarry veins and quartz flowers that are sought out for by people who want a one of a kind unique piece in their home. Granite is recommended to be sealed in order to make it stain resistant.

What do I need to do to be ready for a template?

Make sure space is cleared so that we can get an accurate ready with our laser templator, make sure all sinks are on site and are labeled for each room; all fillers and panels are installed on cabinets so that we have an accurate measure for fabrication.

Make sure you know the final location of sinks, taps or any other fittings required and have these available on site. It is very important you don’t make any changes after we have made the template as this could delay the project and be very costly for yourselves.

What do I need to do to be ready for install?

If you have existing countertops and have requested for us to remove them the plumbing must be disconnected and the countertops cleaned off with the drawers/shelves of lower cabinets cleaned off as well to ensure a quick and easy removal.

If you have new cabinets they should be completely ready for install once your cabinet maker is complete.

Will there be seams in my countertop?

As professional fabricators we try to eliminate all seams if possible however depending on layout and size of countertops some seams are inevitable. In these cases we do use an Integra colour match to ensure that the seam is less visible as possible.

Can I install my tile backsplash before you put new countertops in?

No, please wait for the new countertops to be installed so that your tile can be properly installed.

Can I choose were my granite is cut?

Yes you are more than welcome to have a look at the uncut slabs and have an input as to the layout however as professionals we will ultimately choose were seams to go to ensure a beautiful finished product.

Will you plumb in our sinks and taps after the countertops are installed?

No, we do not do the plumbing portion as it is recommend to be installed by a plumbing professional. We will drill all holes for taps as well as mount your sink.

How long will it take to install my countertop?

A typical kitchen will take approximately 4 hours from delivery, to fitting and leveling. However, this does vary, depending on the amount of seams, size of stone and scope of the project.

How do I care for my stone countertop?

Quartz/Granite countertops are easy to care for. Mild dish soap and water are fine for daily cleaning. Once a week, use a natural stone cleaner to help maintain the sealer and shine. Stay away from abrasive or acidic cleaners like vinegar or bleach. If you get a stain on your countertop please let us know as depending on what stained it there are multiple ways to remove stains.